Fresh and tasty craft beer from the Surrey Hills.

Pubs - Festivals - Private events

Do you like beer?

We can help.
We make great beer and we want you to be able to drink it.
We will deliver in kegs to pubs, retailers, and restaurants in Surrey, and help with set up.
Or we will bring our tap to festivals, markets or your private event and serve direct to you.

Us & you.

Pure & simple.

Only what's needed.
We start with water, grains, hops and yeast.
Hazy beer is good beer.
For fuller flavour and mouth feel, we don't use finings. Less is more.
A little extra.
Our Cocobbetts porter includes a little fresh roasted coconut.

Pubs & retailers.

We deliver.
Pubs, retailers: kegs to your door. Drop us a line.
Fits right in.
Serve from your regular keg lines.
Always popular.
Cool, refreshing and tasty. Popular with all tastes.

Events - private or public.

Our tap and beer assist with hospitality at an art exhibition.
We serve anywhere.
No power? No problem. We can bring batteries.
Private events.
We'll bring our beer and tap to your special event.


Tim, Cobbett’s Beer Shop & Micropub, Dorking.
"It's super-local and goes down well. Love 'em."
Gurd, Bar Manager & Organiser, Pippfest Community Festival.
"Faultine fitted right in the team and they had queues all day."
Anna and Peter's Wedding Reception.
"Cool and fresh craft ale on a hot day, our guests loved it."

Our beers.

Leith Hill No Drill

Unfined golden ale 4.9%

For our first beer Leith Hill No Drill we kept it simple, appealing, and more-ish.

It’s a craft brewed real ale using mainly lager malts, ale yeast, and single-hopped with UK-grown First Gold.

At its best cooled and with a little haze, Leith Hill No Drill prioritises drinkability over complexity, and it works.

A typical comment is “I’m not usually an ale drinker but I could drink that all day”.


Special coconut porter 5.3%

Dark malts, roasted coconut and Sorachi Ace hops create a take-notice flavour balance.

We made a keg of this to help celebrate the 8th birthday of Dorking’s fine micropub Cobbett’s. It flew out the taps so we did the sensible thing and moved it to a production beer.

We can’t put it better than a drinker’s review on Untapped : “Smooth, rich and coconutty. Really fine work, so hard to get coconut flavours to come out well but I love this”.